What Do Other Realtors Do?

What Do Other Realtors Do?
By Christy Crouch

So I was on a coaching call yesterday and asked my Realtor what their biggest fear was around taking more listings. She said talking to them about price and what she offers vs what other Realtors are able to offer.

I said okay lets list all the things other Realtors can do to market a home and we came up with this list:

Open houses
Print advertising
Internet advertising
Sign, lockbox, mls
Brochures inside & out
Realtor tours & luncheons
Lead in signs
Price Condition Location
Staging ideas
Feedback from showings
Direct mail to neighbors
Calls to neighbors
Target mail/email to buyers and to other Realtors
Reports from internet activity
Communication and updates

I’m sure you can think of a few more ideas that we overlooked but this is the basic list of what we can do to market and advertise a home. So my next question to her was, are you doing all this and if not can you or are you willing to which she said yes.

So, that takes care of any fears or reservations you may have when thinking about what another Realtor can offer that you don’t, right?

Stop allowing that to stop you! If you just like working with buyers and prefer to focus on that, then that’s great! But if you want to build your listing inventory and control your schedule, your time, and your income then focusing on taking more listings is the best way to do that.

There are several ways to find listing leads and we listed those together as well. Here is that list, try to rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 one being you cringe at the thought and 5 being it totally excites you to think about doing it:

Prospecting (calling expireds, fsbos, past clients, sop, just listed, just sold, cold calling, banks, attorney’s,etc)
Open houses
Floor time
Internet / social media
Buying the business / self-promotion
Waiting / hoping for the business
Feeding off other Realtors who are too busy to handle their business
Short sales/foreclosures/distressed properties
If you can do them all and do it efficiently that’s great. My feeling is it’s best to focus on what resonates most with you because if you actually enjoy doing it you will do it better. The key to building a big business is to do whatever it is you do consistently.

The less we focus and worry about what other Realtors are doing and focus on what we need to do to grow our own business the better off we’ll be in every area both professionally and personally.

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